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Ultimate Version

The Ultimate version of Indie Heaven is $399 a month.

It's configured for the medium sized Indie and scales up to 10 Artists

For $40 a month per seat, you get ten web sites with powerful hosting, and a fully configured version of Indie Heaven that's specifically tailored for the medium sized Indie. It's licensed for up to 10 Artist seats, and if you need more you can scale up for $40 per seat per month.

You get Ultimate hosting, with a large database and 100 e-mailstops per web site, and 16 hours of free technical support to help you with the initial configuration. Indie Heaven will work right out of the box, there's nothing you have to do - but everyone wants to customize as soon as they see it in action, so we'll help you with that if you wish.

After installation, you're in complete control. You'll have access to every one of the powerful features we talk about on these pages, and you can use them any way you want.

For now, you can purchase Indie Heaven only in our store. Shortly you'll see it elsewhere too, but for now, we require the $399 installation fee up front, and you can pay that by purchasing Indie Heaven in our store.

Please register on our site (click the Log In button at the top right of your screen), and you can fill in your User Profile and let us know where you are.

Indie Heaven Ultimate is configured for a working Indie with multiple artists. From any Artist web site you can control every aspect of your business and your public presence.

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